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hella zen

by Erin Jorgensen

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Morphology 04:31
it started as an accident and turned into a sign a vision of the ending of the days when things were fine it started out with color and it started out with war a vision of the ending of the things that came before a time for looking out to see a pyramid of light a time for desperation in the middle of the night time for getting by when you don't understand the words time for standing silently amid the silent birds and now it's been a thousand days and nothing much has changed i don't make decisions i just try to rearrange acting like a prophet but i haven't got a clue and you know i'll do anything you really want me to
you built a world to make yourself feel worse your beautiful obsession has become a curse and used to be you'd think that this might hurt a little bit but you know it doesn't take very long till you get used to it all the little statues set up in the yard is that what made you think it shouldn't have to be so hard? all your little thoughts go, vanish in the air they'll go and leave you wondering, were they ever really there? so let me reach oblivion i want to change my mind there's so many things i want to leave behind and anyway, of course you know, people will say that but happiness ain't really where it's at antigravity antigravity
you live in a landscape filled with mines you spend all your days looking for signs did you really think it would be as beautiful as this? you live in a landscape that looks a lot like mine you spend all your nights dreaming of extraordinary times but you've got to stop your looking for a perfect way out of this i live in a landscape, i don't know what it is i spend all my time looking for the things i miss i try to make it out but i'm not sure what i see so don't do something wonderful do something small
my dearest friend i am the richest man in russia you're walking through a field of grass you sleep beneath the overpass forget the things you thought you knew your deepest wish is coming true my dearest friend i am the richest man in russia it's not because i am unkind it's just because i read your mind forget the things you think you feel the time has come let's make a deal my dearest friend i am the richest man in russia
interlude 04:46
when the world was fine you thought you found the perfect state of mind lying all the time for nothing when the world was new you thought those things couldn't happen to you they happen all the time for nothing and now you look so different and i don't understand how it got that way and you do what you want to do if you want to go, go if you want to stay, stay and you see nothing now.
driving out on highway 9 past the do not enter sign buried deep beneath the ground take a flashlight going down far beyond the light of day build a fire to light your way echoing inside the hall write your name up on the wall many miles into the earth wonder what your life is worth and your thoughts are cold and clear wonder what you're doing here they closed it down after the war and you can't get there anymore that way closed for me but i found a new way to get high
nothing is as good as this out here where the thunder is you can lie beneath the planes at night underneath the flashing light nothing is as loud as this out here where the runway is and the world looks like another place out here at the air force base no one else for miles around flying at the speed of sound and you know there must be more than this but you're not sure where it is you can lie beneath a flying plane you can stay till nothing seems the same and the summer night is dark and hot come back to the life that you forgot up above you see the flashing lights but from down below they all look something like falling stars in the desert
please, lord help me get my shit together
you met them in the dark alone for miles around you heard their voices singing in a universe of sound and you forget your dreams and you forget desire you take the heart out from your chest replacing it with fire you're talking in your sleep you'll live like this for years hallucinations in your eyes and ringing in your ears and you must fight for this you take the world replace it with the world that must exist and you must fight for this


guitar | Brett Netson
cello | Lori Goldston
trumpet | Ahamefule Oluo


released April 12, 2015

Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Julian Martlew
Produced by Julian Martlew
Cover photo by Chelsea Williams


all rights reserved



Erin Jorgensen Seattle, Washington

marimba dreams

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