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by Erin Jorgensen

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gumbit I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven listening to Erin Jorgensen's music, but no, just Heaven. Favorite track: Ordinary Life.
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WIZDUMB Fantastic, masterful music. This record is a prime example of beauty in simplicity, and minimalism. Erin Jorgensen’s beautiful voice and her Marimba compliment each other so well. I will be listening to this on heavy rotation. ❤️ Favorite track: In a World....
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Real Dreams 02:50
oh, you're not supposed to be here oh, you're not supposed to go I know, I know - but I was too scared to say no and anyway I really wanted to go look for me in your real dreams push the car out of the driveway headed out now on the highway really have no place to go listen to the am radio in the rain, the headlights glisten i heard that he went to prison? I know, I know - I heard that too but I don't know if it was true... and it's all so obvious now, so obvious now so obvious... and I hope that I can remember guess it's time to rein it in though I'm still looking out the window Smoky from the night before I get out and shut the door
avalanches and tree branches stand beneath the falling snow major stars and minor chances burned out a long time ago I'm not on your side... swimming birds and flying fishes in a battle to survive darling, it can be so vicious fighting just to stay alive it's the hottest thing on earth i told you so it's the hottest thing on earth I told you so frozen waves and silent beaches shining in the winter night but we'll hide where the cold won't reach us underneath the northern light it's the hottest thing on earth i told you so it's the hottest thing on earth I told you so
where do you go at night? just trying to forget it? you can't outrun this fight just light another cigarette, well you're too young for this where do you go to hide? your mother's looking for you you better stay outside she says she's really going to kick your ass this time, well raise a glass with us we're here to persist and get fucked up it's not our fault so don't tell us we're too young for this well, I thought I told you to forget it your money sucks, so does your credit don't get too close or I'll make sure you regret it I ain't got shit to say they all took off they left, but I don't care, 'cause I'm gonna be ok besides, who needs those jokers anyway? they're all on notice they're all gonna see and they'll all be sorry when I get that beachfront property
looking down take your father's car across the water drive through town preparing for the sweetness of the slaughter we came to fight we know we're right and baby, we're here every friday night looking in we know that we're good enough to make it beneath our skin we know that we're strong enough to take it young and old in the september cold came to watch the fight in red and gold looking back vanity and we were all so certain surprise attack ends in tragedy without a curtain the battleground is all around so tell me, is this just ordinary life?
he wears his leather jacket in the sun oh, he's not hurting anyone she has sunlight in her hair she says she doesn't care in a world like this you do not exist you were burning with a fire oh, unreachable desire this wasn't what I thought I already knew, but somehow I forgot in a world like this we do not exist he wears his leather jacket in the sun
this is hell nor am I out of it why, this is hell nor am I out of it you and I we're not like ordinary suckers getting by like all you other motherfuckers what pretty sin are you addicted to? what pretty sin are you addicted to? you and I we're living in a palace looking up at the aurora borealis what pretty sin are you addicted to? what pretty sin are you addicted to? this is hell nor am I out of it why, this is hell nor am I out of it divinity, adieu
she's a sensitive bitch and she knows you know it she can't help looking like this it's not like she chose it you can call her a witch but for her, it's just casual she found a way to get rich she don't need to get supernatural down by the river are you feeling nervous? down by the river you know you deserve this you don't like being ignored but she doesn't care she's already bored with you but you can pay to stare down by the river oh you're gonna like this down by the river you're the ones who made her like this and no, it isn't your fate it isn't your bad luck you just realized it too late she set a trap, you walked right in you stupid fuck down by the river for you it's too late down by the river your captivity is your escape
Creep Love 01:58
keep a secret in your mind what if you don't have to keep it? oh, my love is blind heard you sighing in your sleep baby, there's no use denying I know you're a creep but I don't mind.


released May 15, 2018

marimba recorded at Avast Studios in Seattle, WA
vocals recorded at Orbit Audio in Seattle, WA
recorded, mixed, and mastered by Julian Martlew
all music by Erin J.


all rights reserved



Erin Jorgensen Seattle, Washington

marimba dreams

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